With Aider Advisory Platform you can:

  • Engage your clients with future-focused advice based on the whole business visibility
  • Easily identify client data issues so you can focus on adding value
  • Reduces client admin efforts enabling time for advisory
  • Reach out to your clients at the right time with access to custom alerts about their business performance
  • Work proactively: send info, tips and action requests directly to your clients
  • With more accurate and real-time data you can drive timely and engaging client conversations
  • Get what you need, when you need it with access to your client's data in one place

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Aider’s intuitive overview screen presents all of your client's data in one place, streamlining your practice.



Get access to information from your clients all in one place




Make fast, data-led decisions





Schedule intelligent, daily updates about your business




Put more time back in your day, so you can focus on all the important things




Get ahead with actionable insights





Communicate better with your small business clients


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